New project Year of Suns — the brainchild of singer/songwriter Chris Matthews — released its debut EP, Songs For Silence, via Los Angeles based record label Milk + Gum in December 2016. The album has received praise for its dreamy and vulnerable vibes from notable outlets including BuzzBands.LA, Magnet Magazine, Impose Magazine and more.

Four years ago, after losing his father and uncle within six months of each other, Chris Matthews recorded a homespun EP of seven songs, which was shared only with his friends and family. The recordings captured an essence that was both haunting and human in nature, and became the grounding for future Year of Suns material. In the weeks following his recording sessions, Matthews moved from Miami to Los Angeles where the music was quietly fostered and cultivated for the public's ears.

After an attempt to heal from the loss, Los Angeles became a landscape to only intensify the trauma. Matthews moved from one unstable living scenario to another, this relative died, that relative died, then another, and another, in what would become a tragic comedy of biblical proportions… except it wasn't ever funny. To top it all off, he had an intimate relationship fall into dissolution, and then was hit by a car in the San Fernando Valley. (WTF, God?)

Now, the project known as Year of Suns has seen a cast of close collaborators with several years of writing, tinkering, honing, and patient listening. With the debut EP, Songs For Silence, Matthews offers a documentation of longing for simplicity during a time of unspeakable chaos and anxiety. The record draws upon themes of detached intimacy, conflicted romance, and "lifting oceans" in an increasingly complex and disjointed world.

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