first things first. what the f*ck is pr?

Good question. It’s the practice of shaping your public image, and communicating directly with the media on your behalf. The result of that is publicity (news stories, album reviews, video premieres, etc.), created by the media and presented to the public. Red Boot is committed to being an ally for independent artists. One way we're doing that is by stepping up and taking on more responsibilities than most of today's publicists. Does this mean more work for us? Yep. Does it mean a more successful PR campaign for you? You bet. Do we love it? Hell yes! Red Boot works with clients on monthly retainers, tailoring campaigns to their needs and goals, and concentrating on the three components below. 

public image

Brand & Image Consulting - figuring out your story and what makes you special; determining the most effective way(s) of presenting that info.

Bio Writing - copy so damn good, it often gets used word-for-word in publicity.

Social Media Assistance - making sure your brand is consistent across all platforms; assisting you in communicating directly with your fans.

Interview & Appearance Prep - gentle crash courses on how to look and sound your best.

release strategy

Content To Release - new LP/EP, singles, official videos, lyric videos, live videos, acoustic versions of songs, tour dates, etc.

How & When To Release - getting a plan in place that maximizes your content and PR campaign.


Album, Song & Concert Reviews - your art as heard/seen by the critics. 

Exclusive Premieres - teaming up with tastemaker press outlets to premiere content.

Features - a closer look at you and your art.

Interviews - you in your own words.

Hype Machine charting - multiple tastemaker blogs cover your tune while you watch it climb the charts. 


Tour Support - coverage in local/regional press outlets specific to your upcoming show(s). 

Appearances - national late night and morning TV, web series, podcasts, local and college radio, local morning TV, etc. 

Press Giveaways - signed CDs, concert tickets and other swag for press outlets' readers.

Social Media Takeovers - your life on a press outlet's Instagram Stories or Snapchat for a day, etc.


what to expect: 

One-on-one time with Red Boot's Big Kahuna, Laura Goldfarb Falls, to get to the heart of your music, your story, and career goals, work on your public image, and come up with a strong, strategic game plan. (Whenever possible we do this in person, but video calls are great alternatives.) A lot of time is also spent trusting us to do our thing, which is mostly hours of personal pitching for the type of publicity above. We also believe that weekly (often daily) communication is a no-brainer, and whenever publicity starts rolling in, you’ll receive weekly reports as well. The standard fine print is that specific publicity results are not guaranteed, but our track record is pretty f*cking badass and plentiful. 

We presently work no more than five handpicked projects at once. This allows for concentrated work and attention, and minimal to zero competition for coverage among our own roster. We’re with our artists every step of the way, available to them on a daily basis for whatever they might need. Our goal is for our family members to feel that they’ve got some partners in crime, and that this is truly an unforgettable, life-changing chapter in their career. 

How do we pick our projects? While it's true that there are no guarantees in PR, we only take on projects for which we intuitively feel we can run a successful PR campaign. To us, success, good vibes and happy partnerships are way more valuable than tons of dolla dolla bills, y'all.